** Limited amounts of the Powers Wedge-Bolt Anchors Available. They are being Discontinued and Replaced by the DeWalt Screwbolts**

Aerico 90 Concrete Nailer

Aerico 90 Concrete Nailer

ET&F's most Powerful Tool for Concrete and 3/16'' Steel Substrates

The ergonomically designed Aerico® 90 tool drives ASM-144 pins andAKN-144 pins into both steel and concrete substrates. Fasteners are available either taped or plastic collated. 

At 150psi air pressure, this tool will fasten plywood underlayment to concrete, or attach an OSB roof panel to 3/16” steel members. Adjust the air pressure to 120psi and the Aerico® 90 will fasten fiber cement siding to concrete masonry units.