** Limited Quantities Of The Powers Wedge Bolts Are Available. They Have Been DISCONTINUED And Are Being Replaced By The DEWALT SCREWBOLTS**

Hollow-Set Dropin Anchors

Powers Hollow-Set Dropin Anchors

The Hollow-Set™ Dropin anchor is designed for anchoring in hollow base materials such as hollow concrete block, brick with weep holes and hollow core pre-cast concrete plank. It can also be used in solid base materials. Hollow masonry materials often have a minimum outer wall thickness of 1-1/2". During the drilling process, spalling on the back side of the wall often decreases the wall thickness available for anchoring to 1" or less. The design of the Hollow-Set™ Dropin overcomes this problem.
Powers Hollow-Set Dropin 5/8'' (25/Box) 9360
Regular Price: $130.55
On Sale For: $124.75
Powers Hollow-Set Dropin 1/4'' (100/Box) 9320
Regular Price: $110.99
On Sale For: $107.99
Powers Hollow-Set Dropin 5/16'' (50/Box) 9330
Regular Price: $85.99
On Sale For: $81.79